PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance

Product: Accident Plus
Pet Covered: Dog / Cat
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Level of Coverage  
Accident Yes
Illness No
Routine Care No
Sample Insurance Quotes  
Dog Quote 1 $17.92/month
Dog Quote 2 $17.92/month
Dog Quote 3 $17.25/month
Dog Quote 4 $17.25/month
Cat Quote 1 $13.75/month
Cat Quote 2 $13.75/month
Cat Quote 3 $13.25/month
Cat Quote 4 $13.25/month
Accident Coverage  
Veterinary Visits Yes
Emergency Visits Yes
Specialist Visits Yes
Diagnostic & Lab Tests Yes
Prescription Medications Yes
Surgery Yes
Hospitalization Yes
Dental Injury No
Illness Coverage  
Veterinary Visits No
Emergency Visits No
Specialist Visits No
Diagnostic & Lab Tests No
Prescription Medications No
Surgery No
Hospitalization No
Dental Illness No
Routine Care Coverage  
Wellness Exams No
Standard Vaccinations No
Heartworm Testing No
Flea & Tick Prevention No
Heartworm Prevention No
Spay/Neuter No
Preventive Dental Care No
Additional Coverage  
Pre-Existing Conditions not covered
Hereditary Conditions not covered

This is an accident only plan.  Illnesses, regardless of cause, are not covered.

Congenital Conditions not covered
Chronic Conditions not covered
Cancer not covered

This is an accident only plan.  Illnesses, regardless of cause, are not covered.

Hip Dysplasia not covered
Alternative Therapies no
Behavioral Therapy no
Special Diet Foods no
Pregnancy no
Travel Coverage yes, US & Canada
Boarding Fees no
Advertising & Reward no
Loss Compensation no
Death Compensation no
Vacation Cancellation no
Euthanasia for humane reasons
Burial or Cremation no
Policy Features  
Deductible Type per incident
Deductible Amount $75
Co-Pay Amount 10%
Claim Payment Basis usual & customary fees
Incident Limit $2,000

An illness or injury may take an extended time to be treated and is not considered preexisting with your policy renewal.

In the case of ongoing treatment, at policy renewal, covered services will be processed subject to the coinsurance and per-incident maximums of the policy in effect at onset of incident.

Annual Limit $8,000
Lifetime Limit none
Routine Care Limit not covered
Waiting Period - Accidents available on day 1
Waiting Period - Illness not covered
Waiting Period - Routine Care not covered
Waiting Period - Cruciate Injury not covered
Policy Term per policy
Money Back Guarantee
30 days

Policy may be cancelled within 30 days for a full refund as long as you have not submitted any claims.

Claims Process mail, fax, or e-mail

Submit a completed claim form with itemized receip

Renewal Terms automatic

The renewal process is automatic as long as a current form of payment is on file, so coverage will continue without lapse and without worry.

Cancellation Terms written notice

Policy may be cancelled by policyholder with advance notice or by insurer with advance written notice, either 20 days for nonpayment or 60 days for other reasons.

Choice of Veterinarian yes, US & Canada
Pricing & Discount Features  
Age Rating Yes
Breed Rating No
Location Rating Yes
Microchipped Pet Discount no
Spay/Neuter Discount no
Multiple Pet Discount no
Service Pet Discount no
Military Discount no
Employer Group Discount no
Veterinary Staff Discount no
Affiliation/Partner Discount no
Online Discount no
Annual Payment Discount yes
Pet Coverage Criteria  
Minimum Enrollment Age any age
Maximum Enrollment Age any age
Maximum Age for Renewal unlimited
Exclusions or Limitations all breeds accepted

The AKC Pet Healthcare Plan is available to all dogs and cats that meet the underwriting criteria. It will cover pets that are pure breeds, mixed breeds, registered or unregistered.

Pre-Certification Required no
Company Information  
Year Started 2003
State Licensing all 50 states
PetPartners, Inc. is the dedicated provider of the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan, underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, and is available in all 50 states. With over 20 years of experience in providing premier pet coverage, the directors of PetPartners, Inc. understand the concerns and needs of pet owners. Working with established insurance companies, PetPartners has been chosen by leading pet registries in both the USA and the UK to provide pet healthcare services.
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