Embrace Pet InsuranceEmbrace Pet Insurance offers pet owners great customer service and flexible policies for cats and dogs that cover accidents, illnesses, genetic conditions, chronic illnesses, and more. With their customizable policies, you are able to choose how much and what type of coverage you want, so that your pet insurance policy fits both your budget and pet needs. You can select the annual policy maximum, the annual deductible, the co-pay, and whether or not you want coverage for prescription drug, dental illness, continuing care for chronic illnesses, or wellness care benefits.

Embrace Pet Insurance is a specialist insurance agency headquartered in Beachwood, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The company has a reputation for providing comprehensive and easy-to-use pet insurance. Embrace was created by Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik in July 2003 after they graduated from the Wharton MBA program. After years of preparation, Embrace Pet Insurance entered the US pet insurance market in 2006.

QuickCare Pet InsuranceQuickCare offers a flexible range of pet insurance programs to meet the needs of all cats and dogs and all budgets. They have accident only plans, accident and illness plans that cover all major diseases (including cancer), plans that include wellness care, as well as special plans for senior pets, indoor cats and tenant pets.

QuickCare Pet Insurance, which has been available in the US since 2001, is a brand name of PetHealth Inc of Toronto, Canada. The QuickCare US offices are located in Buffalo, New York. QuickCare plans are currently available in 49 states (not available in Alaska) and Washington DC.