Pet Insurance

Pet Health Facts and Statistics

An estimated 92% of all pets will experience some type of severe emergency situation over the course of their lifetime.Source:

The number one natural cause of deaths in older pets is cancer.Source: Veterinary Oncology & Hematology Center

Studies show that between 25% and 40% of household pets are overweight or obese, leading to obesity associated pet illnesses and increased veterinary costs.Source:

Dogs can donate blood to other dogs and cats can donate blood to other cats.Source:

Human painkillers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, are toxic to dogs and cats.Source:

Pet Insurance Facts and Statistics

Pet Insurance Statistics

Pet insurance got it's start in Sweden, where the first dog insurance policy was written in 1924.

The first pet insurance policy written in the United States was for the famous TV dog Lassie in 1982.

In the United States, less than 3% of the estimated 71 million pet owners have pet insurance.Source: American Animal Hospital Association

In Great Britain, roughly 25% of pet owners have pet insurance. In Sweden, nearly 50% of pet owners insure their pets.Source: Packaged Facts

Pet Family Facts and Statistics

62% of households in the United States own a pet, which equates to 72.9 million homes. Source: 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey

Pet owners were asked if they considered their pet a family member; 88% of pet owners said yes, 4% weren't sure, and 7% said no.Source: Harris Interactive Poll 2007

Does your pet sleep in the family bed?

Money Spent on Pets
Source: Harris Interactive Poll 2007

More than 29 million people in the United States traveled with pets during the past three years.Source: Via Magazine

Total spending in the U.S. pet industry (food, supplies, medicine, grooming & boarding, vet care, and live animal purchases) in 2010 was $48.35 billion.Source: American Pet Products Association (APPA)

Pets help to lower blood pressure. People with hypertension who adopted a cat or dog had lower blood pressure readings in stressful situations than did those who did not own a pet.Source: State University of New York at Buffalo Study

More than 50% of pet owners would rather be stranded on a desert island with their pet, not another person.Source:

Veterinary Care Statistics

Veterinary services have risen an estimated 79% from 2000 to 2010 and veterinary fee inflation has averaged 5.6% per year since 2000. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Pet Insurance Statistics

The average number of visits to the veterinarian in 2007 was 2.6 for dogs and 1.7 for cats. Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

The average veterinary expenditure per household in 2007 was $356 for dogs and $190 for cats. Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

Pet owners spent $24.5 billion on veterinary medicine in 2006. This amount is more than double what was spent 10 years ago. Source: American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

Dog Facts and Statistics

The percentage of US households owning a dog in 2007 was 37.2%.Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

There are approximately 74.8 million owned dogs in the United States.Source: Humane Society

In six years, 67,000 puppies can be born from just one female dog and her offspring. Spaying or neutering your dog will reduce dog overpopulation.Source: Humane Society

1 in 4 dogs die of cancer.Source: Morris Animal Foundation

An estimated 1 millions dogs in the United States have been named the primary beneficiary in their owner's will.Source:

Cat Facts and Statistics

The percentage of US households owning a cat in 2007 was 32.4%.Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

Cat Facts and Statistics

There are approximately 88.3 million owned cats in the United States.Source: Humane Society

Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a common cause of feline illness, especially in older cats.Source:

A cat will almost never meow at another cat. Cats use this sound for humans.Source:

In seven years, 420,000 kittens can be born from just one female cat and her offspring. Spaying or neutering your cat will reduce cat overpopulation.Source: Humane Society